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CMS-content management system.

We provide powerful, yet easy to use Bespoke Content Management Systems (CMS), which allow web site owners to edit the content of their sites via an Administration area.

The Administration area is accessed via a password protected web page, ensuring only authorised users are permitted access.

The only software you require is a standard web browser.

Once logged in site owners can edit text, add or remove sections and categories, change images, products, services and so on.

A CMS is a powerful tool for any business owner.

Content types that can be managed include:

  • Rich text and hyperlinks

  • Articles Documents and files (pdf, excel, doc etc.)

  • Images MP3 and video

No knowledge of web site construction is necessary to use this system

Within seconds of filling in an entry in your content management system, your web site will be updated with fresh, relevant information.

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